After the kids come, sex life sure changes…6 moms tell you how its like now.

More Fun

“Quickies wherever we can get them are much more fun (and frankly better) than being able to have sex pretty much wherever and whenever, before kids especially.”

No More Worry

“I feel like I spent years worrying about getting pregnant on accident and then years trying to get pregnant. Now our family is complete and my tubes are tied, so sex doesn’t have that anxiety anymore. It is a fun new chapter now

Sexy Secrets

“One thing that is fun after having kids is being sneaky. Like we might be doing family time, but we’re also sexting each other or playing grab ass when the kids aren’t looking. We still flirt, but now we are worried about our kids catching us, not our parents.”

Change of Location

“We co-sleep, which everyone thinks will kill your sex life, but the truth is that it has forced us to get more creative instead. We used to always just have sex in bed. Now we almost never have sex in bed, and different locations have inspired new positions. The change in location has been good for us.”

Seize the Moment

“Having kids means seizing the moment. Kitchen quickie while the kids are playing outside? Yep, done that! If you wait for the perfect moment, you’ll never have sex. So we go for it when we can.”

Make It Work

“After we had kids, we had a major sex slump. We didn’t have sex for almost a year. Those were some hard days and our marriage was rocky. Now we have a planned sex night once a week. Scheduling isn’t sexy — but neither is divorce. Having kids means I am extra committed to making sure our marriage works, so I take having regular sex seriously.”



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