About Us

Mumsbooth is an International Organization that focuses on bringing women together and empowering them to become the best version of themselves and in turn create an impact in the community and society at large. We have created an awesome platform for women to network, grow and start businesses. The members of our community are from 10 countries in Africa.
Take advantage of the Mumsbooth Community and network with members from other African countries. You are required to register to become a member of this community.

Women who register have access to opportunities like meeting and Network with other women from around the world. They get to attend Business meetings and conferences around the world. They have access to Mentors and great networks to achieve their needs.

Become a member of our community today, Click on this link to register: www.mumsbooth.com/membership

Our Non-governmental Organization: Mumsbooth Empowerment Initiative currently powers the Project Start by Mumsbooth program focused on training women with Business, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Skills for FREE to help them start a business. To know more about this, visit the website www.projectstartbymumsbooth.com

To donate towards our programs, Kindly visit www.projectstartbymumsbooth.com/donations we are happy to receive your support to enable us reach more women and children.