“My 13 year old daughter has problem with Pimples coming up on her face and back. We have tried numerous things to help; but with no luck its not working all that good.  Just normal soap and water works great and dries them up perfectly; but then her face gets extremely dry. Do any of you know of a good treatment that will help and yet not break the bank at the same time?” -Tara

Some mums said:

“Try honey. Seriously, lol. Raw honey. It’s sticky, pulls the junk out of the pores. And it’s antibacterial. But doesn’t dry out your skin…She could also use lime on her face and leave it overnight” -karose

“Do have her use a moisturizer, or a moiturizing sunscreen even in dry season. You want her to start protecting her skin from now. http://teens.webmd.com/teen-skin-care-tips” -Getty

“I think you should just let it be…they go on their own” -Comfort

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