“My boyfriend has a female friend that has been his ‘best’ friend for about 8 years. I didn’t have a problem with her at first, especially since she has been around longer than I have. So when we first
started to date they would talk on whatsapp rarely, a few times a day sometimes, and only a couple of times a week. Recently they have been talking more and more often. He almost always
wakes up to her messages and he is usually the last one she talks to at night. It is never anything like inappropriate pictures just talking, it’s more like texting than anything. We went to the movies the other day and he basically snuck off to let her know where we were because ‘she needed to know’. When she sent him a message on whatsapp not long after the movie I asked what she needed and that’s when he told me that. I have started to feel like they are ‘the couple’ lately. They talk all day almost everyday but are ‘just friends’. Am I just being a jealous girlfriend or am I reasonable to ask that some kind of boundaries be set?” –Dora baby

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