“In the way you clean or organize? I am the total opposite of mine and clean and rearrange things constantly. Both of us aren’t that organized, lol.” -Doshima

Here are what a few mums said:

“Oh yes!! Very much like her…I arrange my kitchen ware and cleaning stuff just the way she did” -Faith

“No my mom is a cleaning freak my sister is just like her but I just cannot be. I like things clean but I am not going to order white furniture and then tell my family they cannot sit on it lol” -Nata

” I’m nothing like my mom in cleaning or organizing. She was very disorganized. Not that she didn’t try, but she just couldn’t seem to accomplish what she set out to do. She could clean in a room for hours and it would end up looking worse than when she started. I had to figure out on my own how to clean and organize.” – Mrs B

“Im not but wish I was like her. I wish I cleaned like her and put things in their proper places like she did – Hanatu


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