“I heard a story of a guy who said his daughter doesn’t receive any discipline because she’s only 3. Got this poll online

  1. 44% – Less than 1 year old
  2. 38% – Between 1-2 years old
  3. 12% – Between 2-3 years old
  4. 1% – Between 3-4 years old
  5. 0% – After 4 years old
  6. 1% – I/we never discipline.

When did you start disciplining your kid(s)?  – Vera

Here are a few responses from some mums:

“Right from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be something harsh, but when you are chattering away to yheir toy and they do something like scratch you, softly saying “No, scratching hurts people, we don’t do that”, it’s starting to build those blocks that build up to understanding words like no, or stop, depending on what you are saying.
Yes, they are too young to comprehend what you are saying, but the sooner you start the better.” -Miranda

“If you let them do anything they want then out of the middle of nowhere say “Okay, you’re 4 now so now I’m going to start saying no” well, that’s just silly.The bible says train a child the way they should go, start early..they’ll understand you and the tone of your voice too matters, they know when mummy is serious” – Hannatu

“Okay serious question: most people in the poll you got online are saying under one. What could a baby possibly do to warrant disciplinary action? How do you discipline a baby? I’m seriously curious.” -Uzo

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