Are you like your mom?

“In the way you clean or organize? I am the total opposite of mine and clean and rearrange things constantly. Both of us aren’t that organized, lol.” -Doshima Here are what a few mums said: “Oh yes!! Very much like her…I arrange my kitchen ware and cleaning stuff just the way she did” -Faith “No my mom is a cleaning freak my sister is just like her but I just cannot

Did you enjoy being pregnant?

“My friends are so split on this question. Some loved being pregnant and some hated it. Personally I liked it, Feeling your baby kick is such an awesome feeling.” -Sheila Being pregnant has different feelings that comes with it…you’ve probably had it with always being tired and carrying around extra weight. Here are what a few mums have to say: “I love it except the unexplained nerve issues . I

Acne Treatment for Teens

“My 13 year old daughter has problem with Pimples coming up on her face and back. We have tried numerous things to help; but with no luck its not working all that good.  Just normal soap and water works great and dries them up perfectly; but then her face gets extremely dry. Do any of you know of a good treatment that will help and yet not break the bank

Lip gloss???

“So I found these tips on the Internet:  “Women who wear heavy eye makeup and dark lipstick can look clownish. If you want to wear red lipstick keep the rest of your makeup light. If you are playing up the eyes, keep your mouth light with a gloss or light lip color that doesn’t stand out.You may like a lipstick on your friend, but it may not look good on you.


1) An average woman eats about 2-3 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime. 2) Women blink about 2 times more often than men. Interesting why? 3)A woman will more easily trust somebody who hugs her for at least 15 seconds. 4) 80% of women’s wrinkles are caused by excessive sun exposure. 5) Women usually tie the belt of a dressing gown higher than their belly button, while men tie it lower.

She’s STILL breastfeeding him?? How old is too old?

“How old is too old for a kid to be breastfed? My sister’s son is three years old, in nursery, he speaks okay and all and she’s STILL breastfeeding him!” -Godiya Here are what a few mums said: “I must say for parents like that the problem is more deeper than wanting to comfort your child. If any mom is still feeding her child when that child can walk talk

Everyone keeps touching my belly! Does it bother you?

“Everywhere I go, people, mostly women, reach out and touch my belly whether I know them or not and usually without asking. I don’t mind it so much when it’s someone I know, but a perfect stranger?Does it bother you that everyone thinks your baby bump is public domain?” -Kirsten Here are what some mums have to say: ” Only my husband does that” – Linda “No dear, if someone