Project START for Kids

PROJECT START for KIDS to you which is a one-day free practical training Program slated for Tuesday, 18th of December, 2018 at the Splash Water Park, Plot 1164 Cadastral Zone B, Road directly opposite Games Village Gate, Kaura district, Abuja. Project START for kids is powered by Mums Booth and our aim is to pique their interest in entrepreneurship early enough to get them interested in and to help them

My 3year old was missing…My longest night ever!!

My 3year old was missing…My longest night Last night was the longest night ever, I was devastated. I usually drop my 3yr old son with my landlady’s children early in the morning by 6.30am so I could rush to work because they all walk to school together. I came home from work( I’m a nanny for my madam) at 4pm as usual to go pick him up from their house

Gender and Self Esteem by Jane Hillz

Recently I read up and seen lots of training on building self esteem for girls and the words in this picture makes me wonder what we teach our girl or boy child. So let’s ask oursleves the following questions: 1. Do you teach our girls that they are second rate and should only aspire to be under a man? 2. Do you teach them that they cannot be overly ambitious


HOW TO RELATE WITH YOUR CHILD In psychology, it has been established that a child’s personality would have formed by the age of 5. This gives insight into how to relate with a child and as he/she grows up. 1. Be a parent to the child between birth and 12 years of age. This is when the spankings, etc can come in. Whatever you don’t correct at this age, forget


BRIEF DAILY WORKOUTS FOR BUSY MOMS TO KEEP FIT A whole lot of moms find no time for exercise? Well here’s a strength-training plan that will fit into your busy schedule. It’s sure to work if you work through this10-minute routines three times a week (one each day), and you’ll feel stronger and slimmer in weeks. Perform these like a circuit: Do one set of each exercise with minimal rest


Is it normal for a toddler to lose his or her appetite? Frequent complaints some mothers  have when their toddlers  don’t eat as much as they used to. According to  Claire Mccarthy ; a paediatrician she explained that it is very normal. Here’s why: First, toddlers are busy people. Eating can seem low-priority to a kid who has a block tower to build, a doll to dress, and serious scribbling

Infertility in women: Discrimination, Stigma and Ostracism in Africa

Berna Amullen is a Ugandan woman who suffers from infertility as a result of untreated sexually transmitted disease. She was diagnosed too late to be given proper treatment and she lost the hope of being a mother and is leading a happy life. In her video, she shares her devastating story of mistreatment, discrimination and violence from her husband, family and community as a result of being infertile. Amullen speaks

Kids Are Master Manipulators. So UseThis Against Them

KIDS ARE MASTER manipulators. They play up their charms, pit adults against one another, and engage in loud, public wailing. So it’s your job to keep up with them For siblings who refuse to work together, Assign them a task they can do jointly, like picking up the toys, then give them each the same reward or punishment based on their performance as a team: If one kid slacks off,

Bedwetting in Children

Bedwetting is an issue that millions of families face every night. It is extremely common among young kids but can last into the teen years. Doctors don’t know for sure what causes bedwetting or why it stops. But it is often a natural part of development, and kids usually grow out of it. Most of the time, bedwetting is not a sign of any deeper medical or emotional issues. All

Itchy skin/rash after delivery

Help! I am 7 weeks post partum and probably a week or so ago I have developed some rashes and itchy skin on my back and thighs.  I originally had very itchy skin on my belly around my stretch marks right after delivering.  I have been doing exclusive breast feeding and someone says its common with breast feeding mums…I didn’t go through this with my first baby. Did anyone else