Itchy skin/rash after delivery

Help! I am 7 weeks post partum and probably a week or so ago I have developed some rashes and itchy skin on my back and thighs.  I originally had very itchy skin on my belly around my stretch marks right after delivering.  I have been doing exclusive breast feeding and someone says its common with breast feeding mums…I didn’t go through this with my first baby. Did anyone else

Things i wouldn’t buy for my next baby

When you are preparing for your first baby it seems like the list is endless…something’s were absolutely unnecessary, here are a few: breast pads never used them, baby shoes, 0 to 3 months clothes, they grow fast.. I’ll go for 6 months, and feeding bottles since I was a stay at home mum and didn’t need to extract milk…what things would you exclude in your next baby shopping list? Share

Rashes on my baby’s body

Hello mums in the house I want u to help me I dont know what to use as my baby has rashes on his body and he is 11mth pls wat can I use for him and i am thinking maybe its what he is eating…can goldenmorn cereals wit 1,2,3 geak milk cause it pls help me out –Funke Share

First day of Potty training HELP!!!

Decided to start potty training today…I always dreaded this cos know its so stressful in the beginning…I got my daughter a potty with music so its interesting to her…she likes sitting on it…but she just doesn’t go sit on it for the main things pee and poo…its almost as though she pees every 5 mins, have been cleaning after her…Its tiring and no house help plus I work from home.I

Shaking Babies Is Dangerous…Can Lead To Death

Here is a story below of how a father killed his own child by shaking it “A father who shook his crying son like a rag doll, so hard that the baby died, was today jailed for life for murder. The jury at Truro Crown Court heard that Tony Allen, 28, suffered a sudden loss of control and vigorously shook his seven-week-old son Dominic. The child died in the Royal

Fever in Babies

Fever in infants can be scary, but don’t panic, mama! Read all about baby temperature, and find out how to safely treat your child’s first fever. Use the right thermometer. Babies younger than 6 months should have their temperatures taken with a rectal thermometer. Because their ear canals are so small, you can’t get an accurate reading with an ear thermometer What is a fever? The normal body temperature for

My 2 year old is so cranky

“My 2 month old wants attention all the time!!! What distractions are good for a two month old that won’t let me eat, sleep, clean, cook, etc? something that will entertain her so i can get a bit of a break? She sleeps all night if that helps.” –Amina   Find more conversations in group “Babies”   Share

Need advice on taking baby on plane!

“I’ll be taking my baby on an airplane for the first time at the end of March. He’ll be 9 months old by then. Can you give me any advice on how to assure that he’ll not cry so much through the flight and disturb the peace of others? I’m just unsure about how to keep him calm….I remember complaining about other mums when they wouldn’t keep their kids together,

How should I deal with her teething?

“This is my first child. She is in the beginning stages of teething and at night she gets really fussy and cries a lot and the only way I can calm her is to put her in her bed and give her a bottle or breastmilk. I need advice badly, because I just don’t know what to really do.” –Simi Some mums said: “My son is getting his first tooth