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How to make Akara

So ladies I found this recipe online…tried it last Saturday for breakfast and it turned out awesome…here you go: How to Make Akara To make Akara, you need to first of all remove the beans coat. You should remove the coat from the beans just before you make the Akara. This means that you can’t use coatless beans that has been stored in the fridge or freezer to make Akara.

HELP!! Crayon stains

My son had crayons in his pocket. His clothes are ruined, i don’t know how the crayons melted, probably the heat from the sun or something but it has stained like 3 of his other clothes… Is there anything I can do to get the stains off? Please HELP ME! Share

Making pounded yam in a blender

I’ve never really liked the processed pounded yam and unfortunately for me I do not have a mortar, don’t even have the strength to pound yam so I always eat pounded whenever I eat out. Found this link on line Now I can blend my yam and have it come out the same way Lol who else finds it stressful to pound yam?? Find more stories in group “Food

Tired all the time!!

“I’m tired all the time. Anybody else feel this way?” – Hyelni Here are what a few mums have to say: “Yes but I turn 44 this month so I blame it on age. LOL! I think you should take some vitamins which can really help….and exercise helps too. I get up at 5 each day for work, prepare the kids for school and when I get home I am

10 Clever Uses of Shampoo

“Saw this link on FB.  Have you used any?” -Uju Removing stains: You can remove carpet stains by using water, shampoo and a good scrubbing. The shampoo is safe for the carpeting and is a less chemical alternative to regular carpet cleaners for stains and spills. Especially if you are looking for child safe alternatives. Cleaning paint brushes: Protect your paint brushes by cleaning them with non-conditioner shampoo. Simply scrub them as

Under bed

“Is under your bed all nice and clean or do you hide stuff ? :)” -Fola Some mums said: “We hide stuff. lol” P “Mine is clean… Our old bedroom was so tiny that we had to use every inch of space for something. I stored gift wrapping supplies under it.” -Janet “Clean? Yeah, it hasn’t been clean since we set the bed up. We have under-the-bed storage bins for

Are you like your mom?

“In the way you clean or organize? I am the total opposite of mine and clean and rearrange things constantly. Both of us aren’t that organized, lol.” -Doshima Here are what a few mums said: “Oh yes!! Very much like her…I arrange my kitchen ware and cleaning stuff just the way she did” -Faith “No my mom is a cleaning freak my sister is just like her but I just cannot