School-Age Kids

My 3year old was missing…My longest night ever!!

My 3year old was missing…My longest night Last night was the longest night ever, I was devastated. I usually drop my 3yr old son with my landlady’s children early in the morning by 6.30am so I could rush to work because they all walk to school together. I came home from work( I’m a nanny for my madam) at 4pm as usual to go pick him up from their house

Kids Are Master Manipulators. So UseThis Against Them

KIDS ARE MASTER manipulators. They play up their charms, pit adults against one another, and engage in loud, public wailing. So it’s your job to keep up with them For siblings who refuse to work together, Assign them a task they can do jointly, like picking up the toys, then give them each the same reward or punishment based on their performance as a team: If one kid slacks off,

2year old not yet potty trained…When is it not okay??

” A few weeks ago I tried potty training and after a few days he just didn’t want to sit on the potty anymore. I won’t lie, I got frustrated and I gave up. I told myself we would try again after a while. He is my first, but I have a friend who has 3 kids and she says she had all of her kids trained before they were

8 year old having her period Help!

“Good evening, I need some advise here.I have a 8 yr. old girl she will be 9 in two months. She has told me twice this week her belly hurts. Her breasts are a little sore.So i said to myself I better have the talk with her.Some of friends on her class already have there period.But they are 9 and 10yr .I want to be open with her.She took it so

At what age do you start the practice of training your child(ren) to obey rules?

“I heard a story of a guy who said his daughter doesn’t receive any discipline because she’s only 3. Got this poll online 44% – Less than 1 year old 38% – Between 1-2 years old 12% – Between 2-3 years old 1% – Between 3-4 years old 0% – After 4 years old 1% – I/we never discipline. When did you start disciplining your kid(s)?  – Vera Here are a

What’s their bedtime?

“I put my kids to bed last night at 8:30pm last night. They woke up this morning at 6 on their own. I usually put them to bed at 9pm ish and they always are so sleepy in the morning. Gonna start putting them to sleep at 8:30pm from now on” -Kemi Some mums said: “My boys are 5 & 17 they go to bed at 8pm. Even going to

HELP!!!! I Need Potty Training Tips!

“So my Daughter turned 2 in September. I want to potty train her but have no idea what to do or where to start :-/ Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? What to do/not to do? I have never had to potty train anyone or anything ever, I’m so lost :(” -Lydia Here are a few responses from some mums: “I found naked time to be the

Help!! These kids should come with a manual

“I struggle to ignore my 2 year olds screams. After multiple attempts to get her to stay in her playroom or go to sleep, she keeps coming to my home office where i meet my clients and its so embarrassing to hear her scream or have her coming to me over there throwing tantrums. I don’t have a help or babysitter and she is on holidays now from school. I

My Six year old is terrible!!

“I really don’t even know where to begin. My six year old son is an absolute nightmare at home. At school, he does very well, both educationally and behaviorally. At home, he is very, very quick to anger, pitches fits like a two year old, screams at me and calls me names. It is just awful. It’s not a situation where we let him get away with it, he is