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Working Moms


BRIEF DAILY WORKOUTS FOR BUSY MOMS TO KEEP FIT A whole lot of moms find no time for exercise? Well here’s a strength-training plan that will fit into your busy schedule. It’s sure to work if you work through this10-minute routines three times a week (one each day), and you’ll feel stronger and slimmer in weeks. Perform these like a circuit: Do one set of each exercise with minimal rest

Returning to the work force

“I am a stay at home mum looking to return to the work force but having a really hard time finding employment. Now i see why a lot of women just open shops here and there, at least they have somewhere to go to every day and can manage a business of their own. My goal was to return into the workforce after my youngest child is 3 years old

Who pays the bills? You or your husband??

“In your house, how do you handle your finances? who is in charge of paying the bills?  Not necessarily who makes the money, but who actually handles the money and dishes them out etc?” -Sadiya Some mums said: “I do. I’m thankful he trusts me.He makes the money and hands it over to me to manage…It’s like a little enterprise around here, And yes i handle it really well” -Uche

He asked me to quit my job and stay home……..

“I went to school to complete my masters last year and then got a job at a bank. I loved my job, loved the work, the people, the salary, pretty much everything except how much my kids hated me not being available for everything I used to. Plus, I wasn’t good at balancing housework and work-work. So my hubby and I talked about it and he flat out asked me

Change your last name?

“I always planned that if I got married or changed my name. I’d make my current last name my middle name and take the new last name. I don’t want to completely lose my current name. It’s apart of me. Now I think his family is awful. I’m not sure I want to be apart of them…as in having their name. I would however like to have the same last