“I always planned that if I got married or changed my name. I’d make my current last name my middle name and take the new last name. I don’t want to completely lose my current name. It’s apart of me.
Now I think his family is awful. I’m not sure I want to be apart of them…as in having their name.
I would however like to have the same last name as my children. My daughter is learning about last names and doesn’t understand why my name is different.

Did you change? Why or why not?”  -Temba

Some mums said:

“I changed mine. Didn’t think twice. I had a long strange last name. Changed it to a shorter last name.”  -Elo

“I changed my last name. It was important to my husband, and this way all three of us (my husband, I, our son) have the same last name.” Erewa

“I didn’t change my name.  Been married over 20 years and have a 14 year old.  My son has hubby’s last name as his legal last name . When my son asked, I told him why. Like the others said, I felt that my name was an important part of myself and I didn’t want to change it.  There was a period when he was feeling off about it, but I don’t make a big deal about it and neither does he.  We call ourselves the “His last name” family. – Jacinta

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