Is Your Wife Connection Starved?

The surest way to get a woman to commit adultery is
to show her attention and gently flatter her. I am not
telling you this to help you with another woman, but
to help you understand your wife’s needs.
A woman’s need for emotional connection is every
bit as strong, real, and valid as a man’s need for sex.
When she doesn’t have enough she feels the same
things you feel when you are “hard up” sexually. She
feels angry with you for not giving her what she
needs. She feels off, and nothing other than
connecting with you makes it go away. She also feels
tempted to find emotional connection elsewhere –
even if she doesn’t want it with anyone else.
Another way her need for connection is like your
need for sex is she can’t store it up. Give her all the
connection she needs for months, then do nothing for
a couple of months, and she will be as hurt and
frustrated as she would be had you not given her
several “good months”. Times of feast are great, but
they don’t make times of famine any less difficult.
One last similarity, I often hear men say they got
plenty of sex when they were engaged, then they got
married and frequency dropped off. Most women can
say the same thing about the amount of emotional
connection they had when engaged versus after
If you’ve ever felt sexually frustrated in your
marriage, you should have a great deal of sympathy
for your wife having the same feelings due to a lack
of emotional connection with you. If you see you’ve
failed to give your wife the connection she needs,
ask yourself why. Also ask yourself how you can
change things ASAP. (Copied from The Marriage bed)

If only all men would read this and practice it…the world
would be a better place.May God help us all

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