“My friends are so split on this question. Some loved being pregnant and some hated it. Personally I liked it, Feeling your baby kick is such an awesome feeling.” -Sheila

Being pregnant has different feelings that comes with it…you’ve probably had it with always being tired and carrying around extra weight. Here are what a few mums have to say:

“I love it except the unexplained nerve issues . I feel so feminine when im pregnant and i feel beautiful. I also love labor” -Grace

It was both ways for me I loved feeling him move but I hated being sick and in pain and tempermental. I’m glad my husband was understanding lol. -Mummy d

With my first pregnancy, it was just “meh” until I could actually feel the kicks. This pregnancy is horrible but I’m just past 12 weeks, so hopefully it will start getting better soon.-Zedey

Yes I love being pregnant l am on pregnancy #4 and told hubby I want to get pregnet with baby #5 buy the end of 2015 -Zugwai

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