“Did you vaccinate your babies with the MMR vaccine to prevent measles, mumps and rubella?(If not, WHY NOT?  Seriously, why NOT?) Every now and then we hear of cases of measles amongst the kids in my child’s school who were not vaccinated. Why wouldnt a mother vaccinate her child and why is the school so careless to admit these kids without proper immunization records.

Did you know measles can cause deafness, among other things?” – Dorathy

Here are a few responses from some mums:

“Nope. My children are unable to receive vaccines because of severe reactions to them. Not everybody fits into your perfect, ones size fits all box of medicine.” -Funsho

“Yes my kids are fully vaccinated” -Hadiza

“Yes, my children are fully vaccinated, and will be kept up on their boosters.My husband and I also keep up with the booster shots.” -Tolu

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