Are you taking prenatal vitamins yet? How do they make you feel? – Mary

Prenatal vitamins are vitamin and mineral supplements intended to be taken before and during pregnancy and during postnatal lactation. Although not intended to replace a healthy diet, prenatal vitamins provide women of child bearing age with nutrients recognized by the various health organizations as helpful for a healthy pregnancy outcome. Here are a few responses from some mums:

“I feel fine with my vitamins…No adverse effects whatsoever” -Kofo

“Yep. With both of my last pregnancies they would make me vomit. This time around, I’m just taking folic acid and skipping the others”  -Talatu

“I started them today. So far so good. They didn’t make me sick with my first pregnancy either.” -P

“I’ve been doing okay but the one I took tonight has me a little queasy.” -Doyin

“Yes, they make me so sick. I take them before bed to try and avoid being awake when the nausea hits.” -Nangyeng

“Prenatals seem to get harder on me with every pregnancy. With my first daughter I was fine, they didnt make me sick at all then with my 2nd daughter I had to take a special prenatal vitamin with a more natural form of folic acid because my body wasnt absorbing the normal folic acid like it should and it was making me sick. This time even just the vitamin with no dha/folic acid makes me puke. I hope to see the doctor soon to see what he suggests or if he can prescribe a prenatal that’ll be easier on my stomach.” -Lois

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