“As far as the women taking care of the home and the kids and the man being the breadwinner, handles the vehicles, handyman type stuff?

For the most part we are, except that he helps with the kids more since I work nights and he takes over so i can sleep some when I get home from work.  Our 4 and 7 yr old he is fine with but he just finds handling our 4 month old too difficult particularly at night in the few instances that she wakes for a bottle or a change because its difficult for him to fall asleep afterwards.  He prefers them when they get to 2 years old”.

Here are what other mums have to say:

“We had a very traditional marriage, I did 100% of the inside housework and 90% of taking care of the kids, and worked part time. He did repairs and electrical work and brought home most of the money.” – Gayus

“No. My husband and I both work full time. Neither one of us likes the idea of just staying home. I work in an NGO, he works in an IT firm. One the days I work, he comes home early, picks up our son, and warms the dinner i would have prepared earlier . When I’m off, I cook big time and store in the freezer. We have a help that cleans the house weekly that takes care of the biggest portion of the housework…We split the rest between the two of us and our sons who are 10 and 8 years old.” -Lovina

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