“I got a letter today from my child’s school stating that the mid term break would be from February 13th till February 20…trust me it really isnt ‘mid term’ yet but I understand why they had to fix it then…My neighbour’s kids school isnt going on any break that period.Personally I intend to limit my movement and stock my fridge with enough food oh.

Are your kid’s schools going on breaks too?Thing is you can’t be too careful with these things, so much going on in this country now…It is well!” —Ruth

Some mums said:

“My child’s school is yet to say anything but I have asked my mum to come help me look after them while I’m at work after the elections because they would be going no where afterwards till we are sure of the state of things” –Eforee

“We are all travelling on wednesday…we would feel safer in our home town” —Ify

“My dear we are all in God’s hands…my kids will keep going to school, its not far from my house and I dont go to work so I can always rush and pick them up if anything but I think people are over panicking jo” –Tina


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