Homepage Forums Love and Marriage Either have sex with your husband or he will go get it elsewhere!

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    I am not claiming this as my own personal opinion. Just wondering how many think this way. Do you agree or disagree with the title statement? Why or why not?

    If you do not have sex with your Husband on a fairly regular basis when they want it (whether you want it or not) then they will get it elsewhere.

    In a poll I found online, 34% of people agree and 66% disagree

    What do you think?

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    ffff, my girl like to deny me most atimes, but if she sees me with any other girl, she gets angry, should stay and get starved?

    ladies normally use that as an avenue to punish guys, my woman is found of that, she almost removed my teeth the other day, we had misunderstanding not bcos of the sex, but that’s what she use to threatening me, I love her so much, don’t know what to do

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      You have shown her you like sex a lot that’s why she is using it against u…act like you don’t need it but you need her and she will stop punishing you with it instead she will enjoy it

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    Even with regular intercourse, an average man still seeks for ‘variety’ (n most men r below average). My point is; sex frequency is only one inhibiter to unfaithfulness in a relationship

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    There is no way you are having a regular sex with your husband and yet , he goes else where. Regular sex cools down the body, you won’t be too emotional to get attracted to ladies if you are having regular sex with your wife.

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      I agree…it cools the woman too her nagging reduces

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