Recently I read up and seen lots of training on building self esteem for girls and the words in this picture makes me wonder what we teach our girl or boy child. So let’s ask oursleves the following questions:

1. Do you teach our girls that they are second rate and should only aspire to be under a man?

2. Do you teach them that they cannot be overly ambitious because that would deter them from settling down ?

3. Do you teach them that only men can rule and women should never be seen or heard the public ?

4. Do you teach them that in other to succeed you have to lay with powerful  men to reach your goal?

5. Do teach them to hide and hush in important community matters and delegations?

6 Do you teach them that women are inferior and cannot aspire to inherit anything in their father’s house ?

7. Do you teach them them that a woman was born just to bear the name of a man and adorn the steps he takes ?

8. Do you teach them that a single successful lady is not fulfilled because she does not have a man in her life?

9.  Do you teach them that they can only go as far as a man wants them to be?

10. Do you teach them blue are for boys and pink for girls , because pink is more girly and mellow?


1. Do you teach them that you are to be in control at all times?

2.  Do you teach  them that they can be who ever they aspire to be even the president?

3. Do you teach him to be a future leader, the one that carries on the name of the family that cannot allow anything to subdue him?

4. Do you hail him when he presides over important community matters.  Saying proudly ‘that’s my son’?

5. Do you hear him talk about girls as weaklings and keep quiet about it ?

6.  Do you teach them to never let anyone win against him and be bold in anything he does because he is a man?

7. Do you teach them to never let a woman control them and direct them in what they do?

8. Do you teach them that a man cannot cook his own meals but has to get married  and let his wife do that for him?

9.  Do you fan his ego when he is successful in all his feats?

10. Do you teach him to stand for his rights and be great?

Look at all these questions again and compare them. Can you see the difference?  Do you see why most girls have low self esteem?

By Jane Hillz

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