“I went to school to complete my masters last year and then got a job at a bank. I loved my job, loved the work, the people, the salary, pretty much everything except how much my kids hated me not being available for everything I used to. Plus, I wasn’t good at balancing housework and work-work. So my hubby and I talked about it and he flat out asked me to quit and be home to care for the kids, house, him like I did before work. I’m really not sure i want to do that because i’m liking my life now but then my kids need me…I think its not fair a woman would give up her happiness for everybody else. What do you think? Am i selfish?”- Caroline

“Maybe he realizes that the house, kids and him need you more than yall need the money. Maybe once the kids get older and does their own thing, you can look into a job again. or try getting one that is part time or in shifts. that way you are still around for everything.” -Dosu

¬†Look. At some point adults realize they need to live for themselves not the opinions of others.I gave up a great career to stay home when my husband asked. I also am honored I’m needed this much. I think you should go with what works and makes you happy.” -P

“Get a house help to do the house work…a lot of women work and still manage their homes well” -Franca

“When will women learn that they should submit to their husbands…you need to quit my dear, look after your home.Our mothers did that and had wonderful marriages” -Yelwa

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