“I struggle to ignore my 2 year olds screams. After multiple attempts to get her to stay in her playroom or go to sleep, she keeps coming to my home office where i meet my clients and its so embarrassing to hear her scream or have her coming to me over there throwing tantrums. I don’t have a help or babysitter and she is on holidays now from school. I think she knows i wouldn’t spank her in public or when i have people around so she chooses to get her way then. How do you discipline your kids in public or do you just wait till they are old enough to really understand what you want them to do…Its freaking me out!!! Where’s the manual for these things?” -Dorcas

“Sorry. No manual would work on a two year old anyway. If its any consolation they do grow out of it and become independent little (mutant) creatures. Lol!” -Aisha

“I haven’t had an age where one of them wasn’t screaming at one point or another.  It just changes 2, 4, 8, 9, 10… still waiting.  The triggers are just different…. and now these prepubescent mood swings…. give me the 2 year old any day” Tochi

“Sorry mum, I spank my kids anywhere and i started pretty early, Now they know what the looks mean…You might have to get a little tougher, These kids understand more than you think” – Grace

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