She was working quietly in her
room putting her princess dress
on, complete with the shoes
and tiara. She knew daddy
would be home soon. She was
standing there in her innocent
beauty, when he walked
through the door. As soon as
she saw him, she said, “Look at
me daddy!”
Any man that has a daughter
has seen something like this. If
our minds and priorities are in
the right place, the situation
melts our hearts. If not, we will
blow it off with a quick “you
look great princess.”
It continues to happen as she
gets older. When she learns to
ride her bike, learns to swim,
learns a new dance, she says,
“Look at me daddy!”.
During her teenage years, she
continues to say the same
thing, but she does it
nonverbally. When she puts the
dress on for the school dance,
when she puts on too much
makeup, when she wears
something too revealing or too
attention seeking she’s saying
the same thing. But, this time
she’s saying it to people other
than daddy too.
When she finds that special
someone to take daddy’s place,
one of the first things she does
is stand at the end of the aisle
and say, “Look at me husband.”
Those statements she made
were never statements. They
were always questions. They
were always the same two
questions every woman asks
from the time she’s a small girl
until the day she dies. As a
daughter, she was asking them.
As your girlfriend, she was
asking them. And, as your wife
she’s asking them.

1. Do you see me?
2. Do you delight in me?

Those two questions are rooted
deep into your wife’s identity. If
you see her and if you delight in
her, she feels important, needed,
wanted. Getting these questions
answered by her husband are
not only of huge importance to
her, but to your marriage.
As a husband, there is no better
way to tell your wife that you
love her than to answer these
questions for her, to do it often,
and to answer with a
resounding yes.
Of course, you’re never going to
hear her literally ask the
questions. She wants you to
notice her. She doesn’t want to
have to tell you to notice her.
But just because you don’t hear
her literally asking the
questions doesn’t mean she’s
not asking them.
She’s asking them when she
puts on something nice for a
date night with you. She’s
asking them when she spends
time doing things you like. She
asks them when she cooks your
favorite meal. She asks them
when she takes care of the
house, laundry, bills, kids, etc…
Do you realize that just about
everything she does, she does
for you? And, in everything she
does, she just wants you to
answer those questions.

It’s as simple as saying things
“I love it when you
spend time watching
football with me.”
“I really appreciate it
when you make this
meal for me.”
“You look beautiful in
that dress.” or
“When you’re by my
side, I feel like a
million bucks.”
“It feels great when
you rub my head.”
“I love to hear you
“You’re such a good
mother to our
If you’ve heard of The Five Love
Languages and you know that if
your wife’s love language
is Words of Affirmation,
answering these questions
verbally is even more critical.
But, you should answer the
questions even if your wife has
another love language too.

Gifts – Buy her something and
tell her it’s because you’re
thankful she’s your wife.

Acts of Service – Do something
nice for her and tell her you
know how much she does for
you so you wanted to show a
little bit of your appreciation.

Physical Touch – Give her a
massage and tell her you’re
doing it because you appreciate
everything she does for you.

Quality Time – Schedule some
time together and tell her it’s
because you want her to know
that you’re thankful for her.
A little bit of effort can go a
long way toward letting your
wife know you love her. Do it.
Say it. Show it. Let her know
she’s special. Let her know
she’s the one.
Let her know you see her. Let
her know you delight in her.

(Excerpts from Husband Revolution)

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