“I feel horrible. I’m in so much pain when she latches and throughout the latch.” -Onyi

Here are a few responses from some of the mums on mumsbooth:

“For cracking nipples, breast milk works wonders. Use it instead of a cream. Just let it air dry on your nipples.” -Sandra

“Before nursing soak your nipple in warm water to soften any damaged skin or scabs. This makes it less likely that something damaged will rip open again when baby nurses. Apply vaseline or similar breast cream that is safe for baby before nursing. This can help avoid more damage during the initial latch. If it hurts after the initial first latch, unlatch baby and re-latch.” -Doyin

“It could be her latch that is causing pain. Baby’s lips should curl out around the nipple and she should have a good amount of the areola inside her mouth.” -Soso

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