“My baby is having plenty of poopy and wet diapers but is only nursing roughly 8 minutes on one breast about every two hours. I feel like it’s such a short amount of time… I just feel he isn’t getting enough”

Here is what some other mums have to say:

“Don’t watch the clock. Keep the baby close to the breast as much as possible and feed frequently. You’d be surprised what the baby takes in during short little stints. The small bit they get when comfort nursing is still something in the belly.” -Yvonne

“As long as she is growing, meeting milestones, active, happy, healthy, etc., you don’t have to worry about her weight. It means less than most people think. Not everyone gains at the same rate and not everyone can be average weight” -Kevwe

“If you feel baby isn’t getting enough (Mummy instincts!) try nursing more often, supplementing with pumped breastmilk, or block feeding. Also, always nurse BEFORE offering solids. Your breast milk provides more nutrition to baby than solids still.” -Pumma

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