“We, mothers, put so much time and energy into our kids that time for ourselves is often that last minute before running out the door when we even brush our hair or put on some make up if any.

So i got this online, started practicing it and have noticed great differences in my appearance, i hope some of you mums can try it out

1. Know Thyself.

More precisely, know your style. What was your style before kids? What did you love wearing? What made you feel dead-sexy? And why aren’t you wearing those things anymore? No woman should lose her fashion sense don’t forget to take the time for themselves.

Why should the kids look like a million bucks and you look like you got dressed in the dark? “I think you should dress as you always did before you had kids. There are so many ways to dress casually and still looks fabulous. Just give yourself FIVE minutes before you leave the house to pull your look together.

2. Accessorize! Dammit.

Accessorizing is cheap…Just adding a necklace, the right bag or some lipstick (yes, she includes makeup as an accessory) says to the world, “Yes, I’m a mum. But I can look hot too.” And when we women look our best it’s like a Public Service Announcement encouraging other women to do the same. We are always looking at each other.

3. A Little Goes a Long Way

Build a wardrobe of well-made pieces that you love and that can be worn with each other. Don’t get too trendy. And keep the jewelry on the body, not on the clothes. And for those PTA meetings or birthday parties, don’t go too far with too much jewelry, too much cleavage, and 3 inch heels, all of which may send the wrong message. You know we women are always looking at each other? Keep it simple and classy.

It’s also not wise to not shop for yourself and the kids at the same time…No good will ever come of that, Learn to focus on you and you could take a friend along to help you decide.
How about you? Mum or not, share your own quick tip on achieving effortless style. ” — Paula


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