“So my friend is having a baby girl. She just found out today and this is their second child. Their first is also a girl. Her husband is DEAD SET on having a boy he is actually pissed it’s another girl! He wanted a boy with his first as well. I understand that men want sons to do boy things with, but how could you actually be furious about something like that? My husband wanted our twins to be boys and I actually was leaning towards having boys but we would have been perfectly ok if they were girls as well. But we got our baby boys. My friends husband seems jealous that we have twin boys and he keeps getting girls. He’ll say things to my husband like “man how did I end up with girls and you got boys and twin boys at that!” My poor friend is so upset by her husbands childish reaction. What can i do for her?? I feel so bad!” -Olayinka

Here are a few responses from some mums:

“He needs to deal with it he isnt God. My husband’s aunt and uncle had 5 girls before stopping. We also had friends who tried till they had a boy. They ended with with 8 kids. Its not her fault biko.” -Tonia

“She should find a way to educate him since the gender is determined by the man, not by the woman so if he is dissapointed and wants to blame someone, he just needs to look at himself in the mirror.” -N

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