“Hubby and I share a cell phone, an email account and a Facebook page. If we hang out with friends, it’s together, at home, or together at friends’ houses. Our friends think it’s weird, creepy even, that we’re so close and share so much, especially after five years of marriage. What do you think?” -Joyce


“Me and my husband are some what the same. We share friends and at one point we shared a cell phone. But we had our own email and Facebook long before we met. I don’t see a problem with it as long as you both have your own interests and hobbies. He likes to play video games and I just watch soap operas” -Fantis

“On one hand I think its great, but what if the worst happens and one of you die? God forbid  You wouldn’t have any friends of your own?  Don’t you ever want to talk “girl” things?  -NK

“My husband and I are very close…however, we have separate email, separate social media accounts, separate cell phones, etc… we do have many of the same friends as they are couples… we do hang out separately ( me and the other wives, he and the other husbands, or all of us together..it just depends) though. You need to be able to function on your own as well as a couple. We’ve been together for 13 years and married for almost 9 years.” -Fifi


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