“Eating healthy is important. I have never begged or pleaded with my children to do anything, they can either sit and eat what I have given them or they can go to bed hungry, their choice. They need to eat every food i make for them before they are allowed to leave the table and any rude comments about the food results in further discipline. They can voice that they don’t like something, but in a polite way. We also keep them involved in our meals, they cook with me, yes the girls and boys too and we explain why each food is healthy and why our bodies need healthy food. They also are aware that many kids don’t have food at all and how terrible it is to be wasteful and ungrateful of their meals.I have a friend who sometimes has to beg and plead with her kid to eat healthy, Its an awful sight. I think we need to teach our kids to eat healthy” -Tega

Some mums said:

“I just cook it and put it on the table and they eat or go to bed hungry. If it is something new they have to try it before they can refuse to eat it. I know pretty much what each kid doesn’t like and so when we have that as part of the meal they either don’t have to eat it or eat only a very small amount. I am lucky though because these guys eat almost anything. I dislike more things than they do.” -Pamela

“Lol. My kids are good at eating what they are given. There is no begging or pleading on my part. If they don’t eat, they go hungry. They learned early on i would not stand for that crap. They have their preferences, just like i do. My son doesn’t like beans, my daughter doesn’t like draw soup. So i don’t force them to eat those. There are lots of alternatives that i can make that are healthy and they’ll eat.” -Chibuzor

“Except for special needs kids, i think picky eaters are made, not born” -Ile

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