“I was using vaseline and now a diaper rash cream and it is very red and irritated on his bom bom. Any advice pls?” -Debby

Some mums said:

“Let him go without diapers at least a half hour a day. Since he’s 4 months old, you can just let him have tummy time naked on a towel or feed him with a waterproof or something that soaks pain your lap.” -Olas

“You may want check with your doctor if it gets too bad.” -Hassana

“I agree leave him bottomless…Avoid wipes. A warm towel to clean him up will feel better. Also, lots of naked time. Don’t put the diaper on until the area is completely dry. I also used cornstarch or coconut oil on my kids’ rashes. If nothing helps, it could be a yeast infection.”  -Bella


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