My 3year old was missing…My longest night

Last night was the longest night ever, I was devastated. I usually drop my 3yr old son with my landlady’s children early in the morning by 6.30am so I could rush to work because they all walk to school together. I came home from work( I’m a nanny for my madam) at 4pm as usual to go pick him up from their house and they said he didn’t come home with her children. My heart cut, where do I want start from…I rushed to his school but he wasn’t there,the security man said all the children had left. I cried and cried, people said I should check back home as I couldn’t report to the police station yet till after a certain time. I kept praying and crying. I am a single mother, i couldn’t even continue school because of him. Looking after him has been my goal the last 3 years, to think that earlier that day I was talking with my friend about how I haven’t been able to achieve much because of him, my salary is 10k, not enough at all…His dad sends only 4k every month and I told her I will send him to his dad but she was advising me to just try and keep being strong. It was as if God wanted me to understand the importance of my son in my life by what happened yesterday. I couldn’t sleep, that was the last thing on my mind. Where is my Ayomide?
First thing I did in the morning was to go back to the school to check, still no sign of Ayo so I went to the police station to report. From there I went back to school only to find Ayo. Ah!!! I screamed, I cried ,I hugged him…Ah thank you Lord! Was all I could say. This is what happened: Ayo and landlady’s son had a small fight so he refused to follow them home because he was angry. He now decided to follow the children of our former neighbors to their house. Why didn’t they call me to at least tell me they were with my son? Do you know they even prepared food for him to take to school that morning, even bathed him. Yes I am glad my Ayo is back but a simple phone call would have saved me from all the heart ache. I’m yet to find out why…Will go to their house later this evening.

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