“Took my daughter to visit the doctor today they really scared me, they said she has not grown at all from her 9 month visit. She was 10kg and 26 inches long at 9 months, and is 9.8kg and 26 inches long today. They sent us for a few of blood tests, and want her to see a endocrine doctor. Oh and they said her head circumference is small too. She is not delayed amongst other things, she walked at 9 1/2 months babbles says words, the norm. Anyone else gone through this?! I need encouragement please cos ive been seriously praying oh!!” -Olivia

Some mums said:

“Are you and your husband short, average or tall? I understand the doctor wanting to be sure but seems a little odd since she isn’t delayed. Is she your first baby?” -Nyen

“Was she a premature? My daughter only grew 1 inch and gained about 500grams between 9 and 12 months. She was 26 inches and 10.5kg at 9 months then 27 inches and 11kg at 12 months. Kids all grow at different rates.” -Satiya

“We just went through something similar with my youngest, she’ll be two in March. She hadn’t grown very much from her 12 month check up to her 18 month, they told us we had to come back before her 2 year check up for a height and weight or they’d be running tests and scans. I’ve always had small children though and she was ahead of most the developmental milestones. She ended up gaining almost 600grams before her weight/height check up. Some kids are just smaller. Sorry I can’t be of much help, hopefully your situation works out too!” – Vee

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