“I have a 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son . I’ve been thinking about covering up lately….My 2 year old son stares at me in a different way when i bath or dress up.” -Shola

Some mums said:

“When either or both the child and the parent are uncomfortable. Then it is time to stop. My daughter will be 11 this year and still walks in on me in the bathroom to ask a question or tell me something. Or on the other side, she will call me in during her bath to do the same thing. I guess we are both just comfortable with eachother and our bodies. She will not, however, let her father see her without being fully clothed.” – Harriet

“I stopped changing clothes around my son when he started making a big deal out of it, you know, pointing at my breasts and stuff. I believe he was 4 when that started.” -Mrs B

“I walk around my daughter in my bra and undies and , I’m used to seeing my sister , mom, close female relatives and friend nude.
However my son has not seen me in a bra since he was 2.” -Ifie

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