“My 2 yr old has been admitted to the children’s hospital. She tested positive for malaria and typhoid. By Sunday she was way worse and lethargic. She is dehydrated from vomiting and diarrhea and is now refusing to eat or drink. I am so worried about her
Well it looks like we will be here for several more days. She is still vomiting and refusing to eat and drink. It’s been very stressful. I haven’t been outside since Sunday and feel like I’m going crazy.” -Fadi

Some mums said:

“I’m so sorry,¬†Sending prayers and healing angels your way. Jesus will do His thing again and you will return with a testimony (((HUGS)))” -Jenny

Praying for your daughter to heal quickly. Stay positive! just try and keep her hydrated” – Doshima

“I hope she feels better. Once the virus runs its course she will start eating and drinking again.” – Mrs B


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