“I use makeup primer. It makes your face smoother and ready for the foundation. I tend to get a little flakey around my nose, and the primer smoothes it out, makes my whole face the same texture. I don’t really notice that it makes my foundation last longer, though. I was using foundation to try to cover my flaws (pimples and moles and such), but now I know that’s not the way to do it.
Foundation is only supposed to even out your skin tone. So I apply a very little bit all over my face, and then I cover flaws with a cream concealer and a small concealer brush. It works A MILLION TIMES better! It looks way more natural, and at the end of the day, my face is still in place, because there wasn’t much makeup to go sliding around with the sweat and oil on my face.

Do you use primer?” -Jessica

Here are what a few mums said:

“It does make a huge difference.  I only use it on my self when I’m going to be out all day.  The makeup goes on easier and stays on longer.” -Ifeoma

“I’ve tried several (don’t remember what brands) but I ended up throwing each of them away because I didn’t see any difference at all.” -Bolu

“I have never used it” -Tina

“The only “primer” I think makes a HUGE difference is a trick I learned  online and only use on really hot and humid days. I keep Milk of Magnesia in the fridge so it’s cool. I put on  a thin layer on my face, throat, back of my neck under my hair and my chest area and let dry about 5 min before putting on my makeup. It works AMAZING to prevent makeup meltdowns on even the worst hot/humid and sweaty days. Makeup also goes on nice and smooth too. It’s way cheaper than all the expensive primers I tried and ended up throwing away too. lol .” – Beth 

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