Project Start by Mumsbooth

Project Start by Mumsbooth is a program aimed at training women for free on Vocational, Business and Entrepreneurial skills for FREE

The women trained are followed up by our team and helped to start a business with the skills they had just learned by providing further training and guidance, financial support to some persons where needed and pushed to actually get started.

This is what Project START is really about: Training them on skills, following them up afterward and helping them start a business.

After training a couple of women, we decided to have the Kids edition because we figured that a lot of problems we have as adults today is the lack of proper knowledge and starting early enough would go a long way to making things right in our society today.

We have since had 17 Editions with 1,196 women and 421 Kids trained in 5 Cities: Abuja, Kano, Jos, Uyo and Kampala in all with about 35% of them(to the best of our knowledge) have started their businesses as a result of these training.

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