PROJECT START for KIDS to you which is a one-day free practical training Program slated for Tuesday, 18th of December, 2018 at the Splash Water Park, Plot 1164 Cadastral Zone B, Road directly opposite Games Village Gate, Kaura district, Abuja.

Project START for kids is powered by Mums Booth and our aim is to pique their interest in entrepreneurship early enough to get them interested in and to help them learn a skill alongside their school education which they can eventually turn into a business. Kids between the ages of 5 to 15 years will be trained free of charge in several areas as seen below:

  1. Hair Making and Wig making
  2. Sewing and basic stitches
  3. Soap making and Cream making
  4. Catering and small chops
  5. Artworks and Painting
  6. Ankara bags and shoes
  7. Hand crafts and paper flowers
  8. Balloon Work
  9. Cake Making
  10. Drinks: Local drinks and Cocktail
  11. Bead making
  12. Technology: Basic Computer skills, Photography, Basic coding, use of social media/Blogging
  13. Sculpturing and wood designs

We would appreciate it if their parents are informed so they can bring their children to come and be a part of this unique program.

Project START for kids is totally FREE for all the kids but registration is compulsory.

To register, please go to

Or send an email to

Or Send a text message (ONLY) to 08155593958


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