“I am a stay at home mum looking to return to the work force but having a really hard time finding employment. Now i see why a lot of women just open shops here and there, at least they have somewhere to go to every day and can manage a business of their own. My goal was to return into the workforce after my youngest child is 3 years old and in school. I have been looking for work everyday for about a year now nothing…Its really not easy o, I’m just in God’s hands. I have university degrees, work experiences, i mean any employer will be luck to have me…It is well!!” -Justina

Some mums said:

“Employers like to see work longevity. They don’t like to see that you haven’t worked in a really long time. You will have to find a great way to sell yourself to prove you are a reliable addition to their team. I am speaking from the side of someone who helps hire at her work.” -Mrs Olaolu

“My dear its time and chance, God will do it for you soon” -Hyelni

“I totally understand where you are coming from.  I have been out of the work force for 5 years now and I applied to a lot of places and didn’t get any positive response.  I was lucky that my old co-worker got me a contract job at the company she is working for but I am still looking for a full time job. Maybe you can reconnect with people you used to work with to see if they know of anything available for u – Ugochi


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