“I recently found out that my sister has been sleeping with my husband, the worst part is that she is pregnant by him. She is married and has 3 kids. I have twins and 2 baby girls. I feel like  there is no room in my heart for him. My sister betrayed me. I have nothing good for her. She’s such a whore. I’m so hurt. I moved to my mums place in the north after I found out. I’m filing for divorce. This world is evil. Can’t even trust your own family.” Belema

Here are a few responses from some mums:

“That is such a betrayal. I am so sorry. Please take care of yourself and your beautiful children.” -Uju

“Oh momma. I’m so sorry! This will look up soon. You deserve better. Hugs!” – Vee

“Can we call on our own Naija Jerry Springer????” -Hansy

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