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Money and Marriage: How to Work Together

Turn your vow of ‘for richer, for poorer’ into ‘for financial freedom and fun’ Sometimes, people remark how great it must be to get to work with my husband on a daily basis. Others ask how on earth we can stand working together and still enjoy our marriage decades later. Simple: Working together allows us to play together. You’ve all heard the statistics: Finances are the leading cause of stress in

Reasons Why Your Wife Is Super Stressed All The Time

You met, you dated, you got married and now you live together as husband and wife. But somewhere along the way, things changed. Why is she so stressed all the time? Rather than trying to make things better with band-aid solutions, you can get to the heart of things—and, hopefully, alleviate her stress—by identifying the root causes of her worries. You don’t talk. Sure, you communicate the bare necessities to

IUD Is Killing My Sex Life

Girls, I have a question. 1 year ago after my youngest was born I had the IUD inserted in me. The doctor said it would affect my sex drive but i didnt think it would because my husband and I always had a healthy sex relationship. Since having this thing put in I cant stand to have sex. i dont want it, I dont want to cuddle and 1 kiss