“I had a vaginal birth delivery about 24 hours ago, and I tore pretty much…well now I’m afraid to go to the toilet to push this poop. I’m being given stool softeners to help me go, I was just wondering how long before I can poop like i did before?” -Josephine

Some mums said:

“I hurt for 8 weeks with my first child. With my 2nd I was fine in a couple days” -Nkiru

“First congratulations !!! The same thing happened to me and the softeners will take all your questions away !! They work so you don’t have to push!! Everyone is different depending on how fast you heal but give yourself a good week or two” -Charity

“I pooped the next morning after having my youngest son, and had 9 stitches with him… it wasn’t funny at all, I had no fear of poop though… :) He was my biggest baby, and if I pushed HIM out? a little poop wasn’t going to hurt me!! lol” -Niki


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