“I’m tired all the time. Anybody else feel this way?” – Hyelni

Here are what a few mums have to say:

“Yes but I turn 44 this month so I blame it on age. LOL! I think you should take some vitamins which can really help….and exercise helps too. I get up at 5 each day for work, prepare the kids for school and when I get home I am beat, still have to do a few chores cook and all phew!! -Angela

“Probably lack of exercise. Trust me you’ll be needing some at the moment it might feel like there’s no energy to even get started but it works… Once I started to take walks in the evenings and doing some light exercises I had more energy.” – Kanny

No i don’t…not any more, I got a house help and so far she’s been so so helpful… Now i can rest and boss around, no be dat executive house girl person de do before lol” -Tehemba

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