“I am pregnant with my first child and am currently 16 weeks along. My biggest fear is fish. I have eaten certain foods and then wondered in secret about the ingredients, how it was prepared, and if I should have avoided the food altogether. I just so want this pregnancy to be a healthy one. I love my child so much even at this early stage and want to do my best to be healthy.” -Ivie

Confused about what foods are safe and what foods you should avoid during pregnancy? It’s tough to keep up with the ever-changing news on what you should and shouldn’t eat for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Some moms offer lists of foods to avoid, while others suggest it’s best not to stress about food choices.

” Avoid fish with mercury in it (i.e. tuna, shark, sword fish), undercooked meats, raw eggs or meats, caffeine, alcohol, herbal teas (make sure you check with your doctor before drinking them; some are ok, but others are not), liver, and unpasteurized juices and milk.” – sandra

“I’ve heard to avoid some kind of suya… There are specific kinds of fish you’re told to avoid, plus unpasteurized cheeses or milk” – Yoyo

“I ate everything before getting pregnant, with two healthy chubby babies (17 months and 3 week old baby) as a result. If you ate it before pregnancy, it’s safe to eat during pregnancy in MODERATION, with the exception of predator fish and undercooked eggs.” -Halima

“Use common sense and don’t stress over everything you eat.” -Gladys

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