“What’s the craziest advice you heard while pregnant?¬† (i.e. shake baby while bathing to make them bold in life, put thread on baby’s head when they hiccup, etc.). Or if you’ve heard lots of strange advice please tell us everything” kachi

Some mums responses include:

“It’s bad luck if your baby sees there reflection. Like don’t let them sees themselves in a mirror” -Foma

“The craziest thing would have to be when my dear grandmother told me to not look at the monkeys when I go to the zoo, she said if I did then my baby would look like a monkey. She was dead serious while telling me this. lol” – Morenike

“Don’t lift your hands above your head or you will choke the baby.Don’t take a bath. You will drown the baby. Once I became a mother I was told to leave my baby in the window to cure jaundice” -Ola

“Not to eat spicy foods or my baby would be born blind. No problem there. I don’t like too much pepper anyway.” -Amina


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