“I put my kids to bed last night at 8:30pm last night. They woke up this morning at 6 on their own. I usually put them to bed at 9pm ish and they always are so sleepy in the morning. Gonna start putting them to sleep at 8:30pm from now on” -Kemi

Some mums said:

“My boys are 5 & 17 they go to bed at 8pm. Even going to bed that early they are still hard to get up at 6:30am for school but on the weekends they are up at 6am or earlier. I just don’t get it lol” – Chichi

“We put our little guy to bed between 8-8:30pm and he gets up between 8-8:30 am thats 12 hours of good sleep.. He’s always been a good sleeper” -Tade

“I put my 2 year old to sleep at about 9pm and she wakes up at 7am ish for school” -Jane

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